March books

Ok, so it's not *yarn*, per se.

My words are all tangled in my head like so much yarn. I, umm, spent a lot of time reading in March.

Knitting Rules!, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee– I took up knitting a few weeks… no, a month ago… inspired by Robin McKinley’s foray into the magical world of fibercraft. It’s a great companion book with writing that’s both good and easy to read. Highly entertaining.

The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman– Whatever it was that I was expecting, I wasn’t expecting this. The writing was so clear and simple, like a bedtime story. A really cool bedtime story. In fact it reminded me of Diana Wynne Jones’s writing.* It was a little slow going at first, but by the second half I couldn’t put it down. Will have to explore more Neil Gaiman.

Passage, Connie Willis– I don’t think of myself as being a scifi reader, but the subject, near death experiences, was too interesting to pass up, especially when the book came free. I loved how Dr. Joanna did NOT fall in love with Dr. Richard and how dedicated and heroic she was.

Feed, MT Anderson– More scifi! With a much more, hmmm can’t find the right word, political slant than what I’m used to. It reminded me of Brave New World with its vapid, superficial society. Life is so easy for Titus until he meets Violet, who wants to be part of the crowd, but because of her upbringing, can’t reconcile herself to how very commercial and empty it all is.

If I Stay, Gayle Forman– This was a very emotional and absorbing read. Mia, comatose in the ICU, is the sole survivor of a horrific car accident. Her parents are killed instantly and her little brother Teddy follows her parents not long after. Mia, stuck in limbo, is stuck with the decision to stay and live without her beloved family, or die. While Mia deals with grief and loss, the story is ultimately about life and the connections we make with other people… and music.

*I was so sad to hear about Diana Wynne Jones’s death. I heard she’d been battling cancer, but I’d hoped she’d win through and write more wonderful books. As a reader, I grieve for the loss of an exceptional author. The world has lost so much in potential books.


3 thoughts on “March books

  1. Yeah I was sad about Dianne too – but she lived a long life and left us a lot of books to enjoy so I’m grateful for that –

    Feed – that’s on my “to read list,” heard it was good –

    Connie Willis – she’s a lot more accessible than many sci fi writers – also she’s obsessed with history so some of her stuff (like Doomsday Book) is set in a very accurate alternative past –

    But whatever she does, she’s a clear and easy to read writer –

    and neil gaiman — omg — I have lots of his stuff I could lend you 🙂 You’ve never read the Sandman series? B/c you really really shoul d-

    1. I know creepy right? I have no intention of taking up change ringing and opera at least 🙂

      I’ll have to add Doomsday and Sandman to my To Be Read List.

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