Abominable sunday night art project

 So I’m not going to support myself as an artist any time soon. I started out wanting to create a christmas card of sorts and since I love drawing trees, I thought I’d do another one.


It just wasn’t my day. I thought I’d experiment with colored pencil. Now I want to break every last pencil in two. So, what did I learn from this little  exercise?

1. To be wary of using colored pencil on heavily textured paper, especially when I’ve gotten used to using paint, and I’m obviously a novice at this new medium.

2. Not to expect my art to be top notch when I’ve been out of practice and wound up about various parts of life gone wonky.

3. I should probably try adding more detail and work a lot more saturated color in to the background, but I’m really lazy. From now on, I’m sticking with paint.

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2 thoughts on “Abominable sunday night art project

  1. You are so artist-minded. So harsh on yourself. Haha:P I think this picture is very eye-catching and inspiring. It looks like new growth or like it’s actively growing before my eyes.

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