Seething (Not Just Mildly Disgruntled)

D is delusional and generally incompetent at planning. On Tuesday, 4 days before her wedding she decided on the colors for her reception. Last Friday was the meeting with the florist to decide on flowers. Because the invitations were so complicated, they went out late. I recieved my invitation about 30 days before the wedding date. Yesterday she sent out an email requesting delivery of Mac and Cheese and Trash Bags because they are holed up with “work” on the wedding. She’s still looking for wedding shoes. She has to have her waxing, facials, and nails done. She’s still in the process of finalizing reception details. Errr.. Shouldn’t she have had the details finalized a month ago? All she should have to do now is confirm.

There is a “head table.” I am baffled and sickened by the existence of said table both because I object to the exclusionary principle and because it has precluded me from dining with my significant other in peace and happiness. I requested to exchange my seat with someone else in order to be with E, who, by the way, would not know anyone there but me, but was sternly reprimanded by the bride that it was my solemn duty as a bridesmaid to eat at the “head table” with her, and that “just Saturday you will have to work as a fulltime bridesmaid… then you can go back to loving E.” Work? Ummm, last time I checked I was not being compensated for the role. Furthermore, I’m coming out worse with the associated costs. And I find it not a little ironic that on a day that’s supposed to be a celebration of a relationship, she’s inflexible about letting two people in another relationship just sit together. Head Table, Bah…like you’re fucking royalty.

My opinion of D’s sanity and sense has dropped to abysmal levels.


2 thoughts on “Seething (Not Just Mildly Disgruntled)

    1. Hey, your invitations don’t require a team of four and glue dots so you’re already ahead of the game! 😀 And it’s pot luck right?

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