Chardonnay + Edibles

I picked up a bottle of Chardonnay (Yellow Tail) on sale for $5 yesterday to share with my roommate.

Inspired by my purchase, I researched wine and food pairings online and learned that white meats and cream work well with unoaked Chardonnays. Being the gluttonous little foodie I am, I hied me to the grocery store to browse and meander. I picked up chicken breasts, fettuccine, and alfredo sauce.  Once I got home I derived a little too much pleasure out of pounding halved chicken breasts nearly to a pulp. Then I pan-fried them in butter, garlic and shallot, and made a sauce from the fond at the bottom of the pan, a splash of the chardonnay, milk, broth and a bit of cornstarch for thickening.

I piled everything on top of the fettuccine and alfredo sauce. I had a tomato left from making pico de gallo from last Sunday so I chopped that up and piled it on top of everything else. The Chardonnay was very creamy and tasted vaguely of bananas of all things. Well, the label said it had tropical fruit notes, but I was thinking of pineapple, not bananas…


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