July books

I have been reading ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FANTASY. In my weaker moments, I actually half believe that I can channel magic, if only I can get myself to relax and focus. Clearly, I am disturbed. I already knew I was gullible.

The Great Hunt, The Dragon Reborn, Robert Jordan- And so the saga continues. Parts of The Great Hunt bored me silly, but I tore through The Dragon Reborn. I no longer want to strange Mat. Now I want to strange Rand. Moiraine is badass. I can’t get enough of Lan. Selene is psycho. I’ve been experimenting with visualizing The Flame and the Void to calm the cacophony of uncomfortable emotions that plague me now and again at work, and I’m thrilled to report that it works!

Dark Lord of Derkholm, Deep Secret, Diana Wynne Jones- I really liked Deep Secret. I think Diana Wynne Jones has a knack for writing likable, realistic characters with flaws and realistic reactions to unrealistic problems. I loved Maree Mallory. I love how DWJ subverts the conventional fantasy hero/heroine with ordinary men and women with day jobs and family problems.


2 thoughts on “July books

  1. I was sad to hear she died recently – Erm Dianna Wynne Jones that is – reading the Chrestomanci Quartet myself at the moment.

    Too much fantasy? NOthing at all wrong with that – unless it’s BAD fantasy.

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