new love

So I have a new obsession: Horses. I went on my first English horseback riding lesson last Saturday at Reddemeade and I’m absolutely thrilled. I’m incredibly excited at the thought of being around horses, and learning to ride them through different paces and how to take care of them. I’ve always been fascinated with horses. When I was a kid I loved to draw them. It sounds rather silly but sometimes when I’m driving my car I fantasize about riding a horse at full gallop, with the wind blowing in my face. I suspect I’ll have to work three times as hard as I’m not naturally physically coordinated or rhythmically gifted. Who cares, right? Its so worth it. I can’t wait to learn how to curry and comb a horse. I’m even eager to learn how to muck a stall. Silly, aren’t I? The way I feel right now, as long as I have horses in my life, everything else will follow through.

I have my first real lesson on Friday at 5pm. I signed up for a month of lessons after the introductory class on Saturday where I got to ride a walk and a trot. Need to learn to post the trot properly (sans hands). Need to learn proper posture and balance. Need to learn to adjust the stirrups after I’ve successfully mounted. So much to learn!


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