highlights from trip home

So about two and half weeks ago I got back from my trip to home in Taiwan. It took about a week for me to adjust back to EST and I’m still working on the English thing. Yes, even though English is my first language, I got so used to hearing and speaking Mandarin that I now speak English rather haltingly. I take twice as long to respond to questions. Writing is a beast. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to buy a new camera while I was in Taiwan, so I don’t have pictures to illustrate my trip. I did take a picture or two of my mom’s kitten Jumpy with my cell phone.

Jumpy- 4 month old American Shorthair. I have such a crush on this kitten. He’s a gorgeous dark grey and cream striped cat. He looks like a miniature tiger the way he’s so sturdily built. I miss him. I’m already predisposed to love cats because I grew up listening to my mom’s stories about her smart calico cat she kept while she was growing up. Also, a lot of my friends tend to be cat people. Anyway, they named him Jumpy because he loves to jump. He’s really very playful and loves to play cat and mouse (you, the human, are always the mouse). He’d run up behind me on the stairs and catch my leg with his front paws and bite you. Or sometimes he’d get all agressive and put his ears back, his tail down, and arch his back, and come and attack you. All in good fun though. He only grazes you with his teeth, never bites down. He’s a little hunter. Early morning’s he’ll meow and look for someone to play with him. He’d jump onto my bed, I’d pet him, and he’d purr. He even cuddled up against me twice and laid his head on my shoulder. I’m soo in love with this cat! Oh yes, and he loves to eat fruit. Yes, fruit! He loves peaches, apples, honeydew, and ba-la.

Green Market in Taoyuan- I forget the actual name of the green market. This one was pretty cool. I came here the day after I got off the plane. I managed to find some cute tops and skirts for only about $3.50 each, so of course I was elated. Also bought 3 sparkly rings (costume jewelry) for the same price. My mom bought some clams and seaweed for soup. The soup was delicious.

Wasabi, Taipei 101- OMG this Japanese buffet is possibly the best buffet I’ve ever been to. Everything was delicious. They had sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, cold noodles, tempura, yakisoba, barbecued pork, grilled chicken (even grilled chicken hearts), miso soup, azuki and green tea ice cream, mochi and lot of other things I can’t remember right now. I ate too much.

Place where my mom was born- Err, I forgot the name of this town. My mom only lived there the first 10 days of her life, so of course she has no memory. It was one of those tiny, sleepy villages with narrow streets tucked in the mountains. Very beautiful and old townish. My mom and aunt stopped at this candy shop that sold the kind of candy they’d eat when they were kids. There was an old, tiny movie theater that had been coverted to a tourist shop. For a snack we bought rice dumplings wrapped in ginger leaves, which was very yummy and infused with a very fresh and light ginger flavor. For lunch we ate at this hole in the wall that specialized in Hakka food. Everything here was delicious too! We had tiny prawns deep fried with sweet basil leaves, stir fried chinese greens, deep fried tiny fish with sweet basil leaves, bitter melon, two bowls of pork soup with garlic chives and rice balls, and some other soup with preserved vegetables. I really loved the little rice balls, they were so perfectly cooked, just the right texture. Yumm. Of course what made the food extra delicious was the pork fat they use to cook everything, hehe.

To be continued..


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