Ever since I made a chicken curry in 2005 based on a recipe for shrimp curry in Gourmet, I’ve been obsessed with making curries. I’ve made chicken, pork, beef, and fish curries (but never shrimp) with all sorts of combinations of vegetables and potatoes. I even added pineapple once. I love making curry because there are infinite combinations of ingredients, although the sauce is always the same: onions, curry powder, coconut milk. Its terrific comfort food. There’s something very soothing about curry served over fresh steamed rice. Curry is very forgiving.

I used to hate curry as a kid. Wouldn’t touch it. Loathed it. Now I can’t get enough of it. The first curry that I enjoyed was a Japanese curry. You know, the kind that comes in blocks. Since then I’ve enjoyed Indian curries, Thai curries, Chinese curries, and Vietnamese curries. Japanese curries, especially “Vermont Curry,” are the ultimate comfort food, packed with fat and sodium, but oh-so-good.

Anyway, my favorite recipe for curry is based on that recipe I found in Gourmet.

Ingredients: chicken/pork/beef/fish/xyz, potatoes cut to bite size pieces, 1 small onion, 1 chili pepper, chicken broth, carrots/peas/green beans/any vegetable you please cut to bite size pieces, curry powder, coconut milk

1. Marinate meat 2. Slice onion and chili pepper, dump in blender with chicken stock, blend 3. Boil potatoes 4. Saute meat in pan over medium heat, until just cooked through, scoop out meat to return to pan later 5. Add blended ingredients to pan, stir, add coconut milk and curry powder, simmer over low heat 6. Add boiled potatoes to pan, simmer, return sauteed meat to pan, simmer, add vegetables, simmer. 7. Eat! Good on its own or with steamed rice.


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