october books

Almost the first thing I did after taking the FAR test was go to the local library to check out some books. Here’s what I took away:

The Bronte Novels, W.A. Craik- In which Professor Craik critiques every last Bronte novel, from Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre to The Professor and Agnes Grey. Not having read the Professor, Shirley, or Agnes Grey, I skipped those essays. Craik clearly admires Wuthering Heights. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to relate to and more than a little overwrought (ditto Craig’s essay). Oh well, different strokes and all that. The essays I enjoyed the most were of Jane Eyre and Villette. I couldn’t explain to you exactly why I liked them but I felt they offered fresh and detailed insights into the novels.

The Spirit Ring, Lois McMaster Bujold- I thought this fantasy got off to a great start. The relationship between Fiametta and her great artisan father was poignant and bittersweet. I read a review online somewhere that said this was perhaps Bujold’s most personal novel in that she draws from her personal experience of growing up under the shadow of a brilliant father. I think I agree. The romance felt rather trite and forced though. Sometimes I felt as if I were reading a historical romance with some fantasy thrown in. Definitely not Bujold’s best, but still enjoyable weekend/weeknight reading. After reading this I was really glad that Bujold invented her own compelling religion of the Five Gods as opposed to the blending of sorcery and Christianity in the Spirit Ring. Sometimes I wish her religion actually existed in the real world.

Simon the Coldheart, Georgette Heyer- Methinks I should have tried a different Georgete Heyer for my first, err, Georgette Heyer, who started the whole Regency romance genre.

Oh, and I’ve changed the About section again and added a list of favorite foods.


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