My test is on the 17th. I’m presently a bit of a neurotic mess. I’ve been trying to keep a balance between reviewing my weak spots like government and lease accounting while making sure I cover the miscellany left over like statement of cash flows and accounting changes. Have been putting off reviewing pension accounting. Pension accounting is almost enough to give me a stomach ache. What a pest!

I keep saying to myself, its all going to be worth it when I pass the exam. All four parts. And then I get a knot in my stomach when I think that I’m going to fail this time too. 😦 Which makes me study some more.

I feel rather lonely sometimes. I miss my friends. I miss my family. I even miss my late maternal grandfather. I miss being able to relax when I get home for more than one or two hours. No matter. Its all going to be worth it.

One thing that’s helped me through is listening to my neo-classical/celtic/new age music channel on Pandora.com. I’m happy that it introduced me to this pretty song Memories by Within Temptation, which is funny because they’re a symphonic rock/goth metal band.


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