brown paper packages tied up with string

…these are a few of my favorite things!

My pre-ordered hardcover copy of Robin McKinley’s newest, Chalice, arrived on my doorstep today. Hurrah! The book is lovely. I love the cover art. My only complaint is that dust jacket was a bit scraped on the back and there was a slight tear on the bottom of the front. There’s something rather exciting about following the books of a live author as opposed to reading the complete works of, say, Charlotte Bronte or JRR Tolkien (Harry Potter series… ehh). I love the way Robin McKinley writes. Its nice to watch her writing evolve from book to book. My two favorite books of hers, so far, are The Hero and the Crown and Sunshine. I’m glad they re-issued her books with different covers, particularly of Hero and the Crown. One of my beefs with the original cover is that it shows Talat wearing a bridle. Talat doesn’t wear a bridle; Aerin invented a new way of riding without the use of reins and bits and bridles. They didn’t even bother to check with the author before slapping the cover on the book? Oooiii.

The other two things I ordered were The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott and Houseboat with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. The Swan Kingdom is a revisionist retelling of the tale of The Wild Swans, in which the heroine doesn’t seem *quite* as forlorn as in the original tale. I wonder if one of her brothers is going to end up with one wing and one arm in this retelling. I feel sorry for that brother. I remember watching Houseboat on TV as a kid and I’ve never watched it since. I’m looking forward to it.

oh, I’ve written more stuff under the about page if anyone’s remotely interested…


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