summer reading

Trickster’s Queen, Tamora Pierce- Very enjoyable read but I liked the first book, Trickster’s Choice, better. I usually like the first book better anyway, when we’re still being introduced to the characters.

The Dark Is Rising, Susan Cooper- When I first started reading this book, I had it confused with Under Sea, Over Water, the prequel to this book, which I attempted to read in sixth grade. The book was a bit slow going at first but once I got through the first third, the pace picked up at lightning speed and I couldn’t put it down until I’d reached the end.

Young Miles, Lois McMaster Bujold- I bought this book at a second hand bookstore while they were having a 50% off sale on all paperbacks so I ended up getting it for $2. Yipeee! Anyway, Young Miles is a compilation of Warrior’s Apprentice, Mountains of Mourning, and the Vor Game. Because I’m so impatient I have this bad habit of skipping pages in search of more interesting story when I’m bored… so I was very confused about what happened between Auson, Tung and Osser and I’m still not sure how Miles broke the blockade. I haven’t completely finished this book. Some of the military/political intrigues bore me, but I’m just not into that stuff. I like Miles. He’s funny and clever and constantly bouncing off the walls. *small voice* I think my favorite character of all Bujold’s books that I’ve read so far is Cazaril though; he kind of reminds me of Aragorn. All in all, *very* fun read.

Financial Accounting and Reporting, Kaplan Schweser- Oy vey, I’m studying for the CPA. This time I’m going to pass it dammit!! The studying is rather slow going. What I really like about the Kaplan program is they give you such a variety of resources for study: webcast lectures, flash cards, online Qbank, CD’s, and of course, the 3 lb study guide. So far, my favorites have been the flash cards that you can carry around anywhere and the online Qbank.


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