cat got my tongue

Most of the time, when my depression gets out of hand, I become extremely tongue tied. I stammer. I pause. I become extremely flustered and self conscious. It’s like part of my brain that’s in charge of speech goes partially numb and I end up sounding either stupid or awkward or both. This when I avoid large groups of people and the more obnoxious extroverts.

So enough is enough. I’m finally going to the pharmacy to fill my prescription.


3 thoughts on “cat got my tongue

  1. The Super Bowl was good this year! It’s the only football game I really watch (ok by “watch” I mean “have on while I’m playing with my Nintendo DS” or doing something else, but WHATEVS!) but this year it wasn’t boring — it was pretty good. Also, I think staying on meds sounds like a good idea, good for you, deciding to take care o’ business. 🙂

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