sunday night dinner

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a delicious home cooked meal by yourself inspired by a conversation with a family member and a trip to the grocery store. On Friday I talked to my aunt over the phone and asked her what she’s going to have for dinner. She said my uncle is making hong shao rou with pork shoulder. Yumm! So that inspired part one of tonight’s dinner: red-cooked pork roast. I looked at a couple recipes online and decided to follow this one, more or less. I only used about a pound and a half of pork roast though, as I wasn’t planning to serve for company, just enough for two or three meals for little old me. And I reduced the cooking time. I’m not sure if I should have cooked it longer or shorter because the meat was a bit dry, but it was nice and flavorful nonetheless. It didn’t come out quite “red,” not even close, but that’s probably because of time, again, and the fact that I used light soy sauce instead to cut down on the sodium. The second part of dinner was a sort of homemade chow foon with mustard greens, salty black beans, and ginger. I was very happy with my dinner. 🙂


3 thoughts on “sunday night dinner

  1. Yum, sounds good:)
    I love red-cooked stuffs. Leaf and I use hot bean paste (har har brand) instead of chili peppers. Also, (apropos of nothing:p) I love star anise.

  2. Hot bean paste, yumm! For some reason I can’t find star anise in any chinese grocery here. Had to bring it back from Taiwan last summer.

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