Stuff I’ve been watching

A Very Long Engagement

Good movie, beautiful cinematography, bittersweet ending. I’m starting to really like Audrey Tatou. I’m also starting to really like the French language.

Spirited Away

I liked Chihiro’s perserverence and courage. Very good escapism. The romance was very pure and innocent. I liked Howl’s Moving Castle better though.

Pi: Faith in Chaos

I got really creeped out twice in this movie. The scene with the brain, and the next to last scene involving a drill.

One True Thing

Renee Zellweger isn’t very convincing playing an ambitious, career-driven journalist. Even though the story itself is sad, I didn’t feel especially depressed watching this. I liked that it wasn’t overtly moralizing or preachy.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardobe

I loved loved loved this book when I was a kid. This is a pretty good rendition. Tilda Swinton is pitch perfect as the White Witch. Georgie Henley’s also perfect in the role of Lucy.

My grammar is atrocious.


One thought on “Stuff I’ve been watching

  1. It’s funny, I think I liked Spirited Away better than Howl’s Moving Castle. I liked the Lion Witch Wardrobe movie a lot too.

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