A History of Violence

I fast forwarded through a lot of the movie cuz it was moving too slow for my mood, but I’ll probably watch it again in full. Good movie. Viggo Mortensen is looking very rugged and very family man. Ed Harris was great and very spooky especially with that blind eye and those scars– totally believable. The bad guys were so cowardly and despicable and EVIL that watching the gory parts of them getting killed with blood and gore and stuff was really deeply satisfying. I’m usually very queasy about such things, but something about this movie, I didn’t mind so much, and anyway, the camera didn’t linger long. The dialogue could have been better. The evil guys were pretty cowardly (the younger murderer, killing that little girl, then threatening the waitress; Joey’s brother, having his goons do his dirty work for him, then just turning around in his chair and not watching while they try to garrote his own brother) and just all around spooky. Okay, maybe the actors they hired to play the bad guys were extra good at playing spooky. About that cowardliness… I suppose that’s pretty common and not really profound, but somehow it really hit home to me in this movie. Pretty despicable.


3 thoughts on “A History of Violence

  1. So the movie was good? I tried watching it but that one sex scene with Viggo Mortenson and Maria Bello just totally turned me off so I couldn’t watch anymore!

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