In case anybody is remotely interested anyway here are my plans thus far for my dream home:

-lots of plants: lots of aloe vera, some useful herbs like basil or oregano, goldfish plant, grow spider plants from glass jars and bottles, maybe grow lavender (and not kill it by overwatering)

-paint bedroom walls light coral pink, paint bathroom walls light grayish blue, maybe paint bathroom cupboard– I don’t know what you call it exactly, the storage space underneath the actual counter– lacquered white or something, paint mural of wispy trees and flowers and butterflies on one wall of living room.

-fabric headboard

I know, I shouldn’t have this much time on my hands. And yes, I’d have to be more or less settled at a job and go house hunting and get a mortgage and all the non-fun stuff. But it’s still fun to dream.


2 thoughts on “uninspired

  1. *pinch* I know I am every bit as interested in home decorating as you! And I am glad that you took the time out to blog our your thoughts. *Day Dreams of a tent on the sands* You and I are often on the same boat.. we will get through all of this and besides..we may feel like a peabrain in a sea of coral but I think we are pretty nice in our shallow pond. Baby steps!!! 😉 It all starts from having the ac and gas to work right?

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