Friday night. It\’s been pretty good. Got home, cooked dinner (pan fried frozen veggie dumplings from the Korean supermarket… huge bag for only $4.99… a steal!), watched Amelie. I really liked it. Was kinda squicked out by the bit where Amelie imagines Parisians having orgasms and we see a montage of ordinary to plain looking folks in flagrante. Oh, and that bit way back in the opening credits where we see some newborn pulled fresh from between some woman\’s legs, with white stuff covering its little body. Ewwwww. But other than those two bits… minor quibbles really… it was really good.

Now I wish Audrey Tatou had been cast as Arwen in LOTR. She looks so much more elfin and graceful than Liv Tyler. Sorry Liv. Oh well.

I made it through a whole week without playing Animal Crossing! Woohoo!


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