Project Runway marathon

Thanks to Kristi who recorded Project Runway Road to Runway and episodes 1 through 4. I’m addicted to this show!

So far my favorite designer by far is Michael Knight, who was hand-picked by Chloe Dao in Road to the Runway. I’m so happy she was there in Miami! I really like Tim Gunn but if I’m not mistaken, he picked up that dud Vincent. ok I might have said in a comment that Vincent was nice but I take that back. Vincent makes me sick. WHY IS HE STILL ON THIS SHOW?!?!?! The outfit he made for the doggy challenge looked just as tacky and amateurish as Angela’s weird street walker get-up. I can’t stand his neurotic behavior. I mean, I’m neurotic but Vincent takes to a whole ‘nother level. I hate how he treated Angela in the pageant challenge, excluding her from the design and construction process then blaming her on the runway. I wanted to wring his neck. Incidentally I don’t see why people seem to hate Angela so much. Yes, she can be pretty annoying and her taste and skill are questionable, but she was a hell of a better team leader in the Macy’s challenge than Vincent could ever be. She had a decent concept, picked the right people, listened to their input and compromised. Not that I think she should be in the final three by any stretch. I just don’t think she’s any worse than some of the other people like Vincent and Bradley. Poor Bradley. Doesn’t react well to pressure and time constraints. I think he got in based on his bio video. I also felt bad for Malan. Robert Best acts a little too smug for my taste.

Other people I like: Uli, Laura, Alison and Kayne. Uli’s a genius with prints. May be one note but she’s damn good at what she does and her clothes move really nicely down the runway. I like that Laura’s an architect and I like her clothes. I like Alison’s personality. Unfortunately I can’t remember her clothes very well, but I think they were well made. Kayne I like for his personality and his clothes too. He looks a bit neanderthalish to me. His audition video was cute.

I hope Michael makes it to the final 3! His clothes are so innovative and stylish yet completely wearable. And there’s a certain finish to them. They’re not amateurish at all.

I liked seeing Santino in Road to the Runway.

Tim Gunn is hot! I hope he doesn’t get Hollywoodized.


3 thoughts on “Project Runway marathon

  1. Hehehehe, I love Michael and Laura too. Theire clothes are so classy! I would totally wear anything they put out! I like Uli and Alison too! Angela annoyed the crap out of me. I felt like the main reason why she won was b/c Michael and Laura reigned her design in!

  2. Yeah, she definitely won on their backs. No doubt about that. She was smart though, in that she recognized their talent was greater than her’s and deferred to their judgement. She could have been a controlling, dictatorial asshat and things could have gone very wrong. I think she learned from her mistakes in the Miss USA challenge. She’s definitely not in the same league as Michael and Laura. I guess you could say she’s this season’s Wendy Pepper, but I don’t think Angela’s playing a duplicitous game at all. Heeeheee, I guess Vinvent does for me, what Angela does for you. Except I really don’t see Vincent doing any sort of learning and growing.

    Wow, I had no idea I felt so strongly about this.

  3. Yea I think Angela just doesn’t know any better b/c she is a little hick from Ohio. She doesn’t seem to be malicious like Wendy just annoying. But I do agree with you Vincent annoys me too!

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