Brain Age/ACWW

The first time I played, my brain age was 82. I\’ve come a long way since then! I did manage to get my brain age down to 25 once, but that was kinda cheating (I got to pick the tests). Sorry the picture\’s so blurry. Its an okay game. I don\’t actually play it that often. Lately I\’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time playing Animal Crossing Wild World (ACWW). Been trying to pay off the 300,000 bell mortgage on my 3rd expansion of my original house. I\’d post a picture except they turned out all blurry. Makes you feel like you have glaucoma. Anyway, I spend a lot of time fishing at the beaches, shaking trees for money bags or fruit, and talking to my cutesy animal neighbors. I\’m obsessed with paying off that mortgage so I can probably add on a new room in my next expansion. I\’ve got a bathtub and a toilet to go in it, and also the washing machine.


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