Movies I’ve seen:

Boys on the Side: Is Whoopi Goldberg really gay or is she just playing one in this movie? I could see her being one though.

Under the Tuscan Sun: Diane Lane is great in this. I liked her Italian lover’s bottle green eyes. Also, I was very surprised to see Gilmore Girls’ David Sutcliffe at the end of the movie. Christopher!! What are you doing in Italy?! It’s bad enough her mother ran away to Paris. Anyway, a lot of the movie was pretty cliche, but it was okay for a weekend movie.

Next movie in queue: Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. I’ve been meaning to see this one forever. Hope I’m not disappointed.

I baked a veggie lasagna today (canned diced tomatoes, fennel, baby eggplant, canned artichoke hearts). It turned out rather soggy but it still tastes good. Next time I should drain the tomatoes. Image


One thought on “miscellany

  1. Can I get the recipe for your veggie lasagna? I bake the traditional one, recipe off the bake of the No Bake Barilla lasagna box without the parmesan cheese! Yummy!

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