mini vacation

I had an essential facial done today at Aveda in Bethesda which is just down the street from the big Barnes and Noble. My esthetician’s name was Sherri and she was very nice and friendly. I was a little nervous at first but somewhere around the middle of the treatment I dropped into a sort of twilight zone. The lotions and masks and stuff she put on my face smelled pretty nice. I couldn’t quite place it but sometimes I thought it smelled a tiny bit like lychee of all things. There was a lot of aromatherapy going on too, lots of verbena and lavender, strong but not overpowering. I enjoyed the facial massage, but not as much as maybe I hoped. I really liked the neck, shoulder and hand massage though. I can still smell some of the product on me even now, on my face and my arms. Anyway, at the end of the treatment I felt as if I’d just taken a really good power nap. I’m not sure my skin necessarily looks any better, but it was a really nice experience. Maybe next year I’ll go back for a massage.


2 thoughts on “mini vacation

  1. Me too! I wasn’t crazy about it at first but it’s really grown on me. I’m thinking about buying these lavender sachets from TJ’s that you can put in your dresser drawers.

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