Project Runway

I’ve been watching PR season 1 on dvd. It’s so addicting! I just love Tim Gunn. Really happy Jay McCaroll won and not Kara Saun. I mean, Kara Saun was obviously very talented, but she seems like she’s already somewhat established in Hollywood as a costume designer and consultant to music stars. Besides, she already HAD her own show in NYC years ago. I’m not sure that she would have gained that much more if she’d won the competition. She definitely has more of a movie costumey/Hollywood flair than a NY high fashion flair. I liked her okay until she tried to pull one over the judges and her fellow competitors with those custom designed shoes. Oh, and the whole “You don’t have a soul. Someday you’re going to need it” crap. Jay is younger and less established. I’m really happy he got the recognition. Also, I thought his clothes were more original, tasteful and fun to wear than Kara’s. Kara Saun just loved to make those deep V-line dresses (meet your new best friend, double-sided tape). Oy. Anyway, I just loved the quilted jacket from his runway show and those patchwork skirts and the scarves. They looked like clothes real people would wear.

Other favorite people on the show: Nora Caliguri, Austin Scarlett, and Robert Plotkin. I thought Nora showed a lot of potential and was definitely more innovative and original than some other designers. Austin Scarlett… I just loved his dress for the Banana Republic challenge. Have no idea why it wasn’t picked over Wendy’s awful Batgirl dress. I can see Jay’s not being picked cuz it just wouldn’t be cost effective. But Austin’s… who wouldn’t love to wear a beautiful silky flouncy skirt?! Okay, maybe my taste is a little bit puerile but it was still a lovely dress. And Rob… he was so cute and a bit dumb but soo sweet and genuine and fun.

I read an interview with Jay where he said he was more interested in setting up a label to sell more mass-market, like Wal-Mart. Not interested in an exclusive ultra pricey boutique for saocialites. Wants to design clothes for broke college girls working two jobs. Also concerned about the quality of materials, dies, how it’s constructed (ie no sweatshops), etc. So what he wants to do is pretty ambitious. Maybe he can set up something with Target, their theme being “Design for All.” They already have Isaac Mizrahi.

It’s midnight and I should probably stop before I descend into absolute drivel. I don’t remember which episode it was, but I loved when they were doing “drunk yoga.” heeee.


2 thoughts on “Project Runway

  1. I love Project Runway too! Check out Season II, I love the winner’s clothes. Season 3 begins in 2 weeks I think! Do you have cable? It’s on Bravo.

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