got some ‘splainin to do…

When I got home Saturday afternoon I had a little meltdown. I’m not sure what I was upset about exactly other than feeling unhappy with myself in general and mildly self destructive. I was trying to find a new theme for the page and also a new picture, but I wasn’t happy with anything, so I took some rather drastic measures and deleted everything I possibly could. Besides, I was becoming a little too obsessed with it. The weird thing about depression is that it can make you very self-centered– not in a good way. You’re not thinking about how great you are. On the contrary, you’re thinking about how inadequate you feel and how you don’t like a lot of things about you. Well, at least that’s my experience. I think I read an article somewhere that supports my experience.

So, here I am. I feel awful about deleting all those comments that people took the time to write. Image I also have to re-invite everyone in the friends list.


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